SMA - Sunny Tripower 5.0 3AV-40

Sunny Tripower 5.0 3AV-40

Sunny Tripower 5.0 3AV-40

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Introducing the SMA Sunny Boy 5.0 Grid Inverter: Revolutionize Your Self-Consumption

Experience the power of the SMA Sunny Boy 5.0 Grid Inverter, a single-phase solution with two MPPT trackers, crafted by renowned German manufacturer SMA Residential Solutions. This innovative inverter is designed to maximize self-consumption installations, providing a seamless integration with Smart Energy Connected technology for enhanced automation and improvement of your solar system through the Sunny Portal.

Harness the Potential of the SMA Sunny Boy

With 2 MPPT trackers and compatibility with all SMA services and accessories, the SMA Sunny Boy is a versatile solution. It offers a web server and Speedwire connectivity with WLAN, allowing you to effortlessly monitor and control your solar installation.

Maximize Efficiency for Residential Use

The SMA SB 5.0 AV-40 is an exceptional inverter built for residential applications, delivering a single-phase output that intelligently utilizes the direct current from your solar panels to power your home. Embrace intelligent and effective energy consumption while enjoying the reliability and guarantee of SMA.

Discover the power of the SMA Sunny Boy 5.0 Grid Inverter and transform the way you consume solar energy. Unlock unrivaled performance and efficiency with SMA's trusted solutions, bringing sustainable and cost-effective benefits to your residential solar setup.


Aantal fasen omvormer:
3 Phases invertor
Aantal mpp trackers:
2 mppt
Max afgifte omvormer vermogen:
5000 Watt
230 V


Product warrenty:
5 Year

About the manufacturer - SMA

SMA Solar Technology AG, founded in 1981, is a renowned German company that manufactures and supplies solar inverters for photovoltaic systems. With headquarters in Niestetal, Germany, SMA is dedicated to developing and producing high-quality system technology for solar energy, including grid-connected, off-grid, and backup power solutions. The company operates in 18 countries worldwide and has a strong focus on photovoltaics, battery storage systems, and energy management. SMA Solar Technology AG has a rich history of strategic acquisitions and partnerships, expanding its product portfolio and global reach. Their product range includes solar inverters under the Sunny Boy, Sunny Tripower, and Sunny Central brands, catering to residential, commercial, and utility-scale applications. Additionally, SMA offers energy management components, system monitoring tools, and comprehensive services for large-scale photovoltaic power plants. With a commitment to innovation and sustainable energy solutions, SMA Solar Technology AG continues to be a leading player in the solar energy industry.